Reroofing the workshop

Ripping out the old roof since it had collapsed.All clean! But not very watertight!

Had some leftover beams from some building work so recycled them for the new roof.

Second beam in.

Starting with the rafters and patching up the walls since they were a little damaged when the roof collapsed.

Ridge board in.

More rafters.

Front rafters finished.

Rear section rafters in too.

Quick look inside showing the support for the ridge board.

Our neighbour had some leftover roofing felt which we used as an additional waterproof layer.

Batons attached and starting to place the slates.

View inside with roofing felt attached.

The row of outbuildings with the partially finished roof.

More slates on the front portion of the roof.

Getting there!

The clips are pretty much all in line, which is satisfying!

Front finished! The back is still only felted at this point, but the building was at least watertight.

I finished the back over the following few weekends. It’s been done for a year or two now and seems to be holding well. Certainly better than the neighbouring roofs!

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